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The Coach

Coaching professional who partners with YOU in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential and achieve the new goals you have set.

What is Coaching?

The Client

Individual seeking input on creating and developing new personal, or professional life goals and a strategy for achieving these goals.

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Meet Olivia

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, by parents who made it their life’s work to serve others, I learned early about the importance of investing in people and the power each of us has within ourselves to achieve our goals.

My career is based upon a 38-year foundation in a wide range of professions. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, I started my career as a Registered Nurse working in the specialties of Emergency Room, Surgical Intensive Care, Trauma and Organ Transplantation. From there I became a small business owner, an accountant and most recently, founder of Healing Housing, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Franklin, TN.

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Coaching Makes a Difference When Two Factors are Present:

You have a willingness to change and grow


There is a gap between where you are right now & where you want to be

This gap can involve things like: work life, personal life, love life, past trauma, boundary issues, fears, divorce and loss.

I Need a Business Coach Because ...

Due to this rate of growth, I am struggling to juggle all my responsibilities and remain effective as a leader. I need help thinking through strategies on how to best delegate and maximize the strengths of my key employees. “I need to make sure that I have the seats on the bus filled with the right people”! I want my life back!

I am leaving the corporate world to start my own small business, but I’m plagued with doubts and fear as to whether I can be successful. I want to work with a coach on personal development to help boost my confidence and break through the fear so that I set myself up for success in my new business.

I am a codependent, people pleaser and I can’t say no. I’m overcommitted, disorganized, out of control, and my relationships at home and work are suffering as a result. I don’t know why I keep following this same viscious cycle. I need help to develop a plan of action to get my life on track, so that I can set healthy boundaries and restore my confidence. I want my life to be manageable, so that I can find joy in living again.

I am going through a divorce, and I’m frightened. My self-esteem has taken a big hit. I need help navigating what life after the divorce will look like and what changes I will need to make to ensure I remain successful both professionally and personally after this is all over. I want to work on building my inner strength and confidence and restoring my self-esteem so that I can be happy in my new life!

I am in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and am in the process of rebuilding my life. I am majorly stressed and isolated because I have broken trust with family and friends and have a lot of relationship rebuilding to do. I need an accountability partner to coach me through the process of putting my life back together and rebuilding the broken relationships. By doing this work, I can decrease my stress, build my confidence, and maintain my sobriety.

Olivia Smith, personal improvement coach with client - Nashville, TN


I offer individual leadership coaching sessions as well as package programs. When you commit to going deeper to work on your personal development goals you can accelerate your plan of growth from where you are now to where you want to be.

Business Coaching Services

I work with business executives and upper management staff on personal development goals which will:

  • strengthen leadership skills
  • improve time management
  • maximize productivity by focusing on highest priority issues
  • increase overall relationships and effectiveness with employees

By removing roadblocks, clients are fully empowered to play to their strengths, achieve their goals, decrease stress, increase productivity and GET THEIR LIFE BACK!

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Leadership Coaching Services

I work with individuals in all phases of life who are moving through transitions such as death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a child, job change, or retirement. As a Trauma Informed Coach my lens is always focused on strengths the client possesses to be their own best healer. We work together on strategies to bolster self-confidence and resilience that will allow them to weather the storm. Clients are empowered to set goals and develop a workable plan that allows them to overcome obstacles and to take charge of their new life!

Contact Me

To better discern what approach best fits your needs I offer a 30-minute introductory call at no charge. During this call you can share with me what your goals will be if we work together. Then we can decide which package best fits you as you work to achieve the goals you set.

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Olivia and I have been working together on setting new goals. I am in recovery and have been struggling with low self-esteem due to childhood sexual abuse and many other factors related to my substance abuse. I have been sober for three years and am looking to take the next steps in my personal and professional journey. Olivia is helping me set new goals and is holding me accountable to achieving my goals and much more. I am starting to feel like myself again and I’m regaining family and friends that I lost during my years of addiction. My self-esteem is rising and I’m feeling more in control of my life. I’m less stressed, more organized and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am more committed than ever to continuing my personal development journey with Olivia and I’m looking forward to regaining my joy and purpose for living!
West Palm Beach, FL
Olivia is professional and caring. She is always present and engaged in the moment with her clients. As soon as you meet her, you know she truly cares about your success and well-being. She has a heart of gold and will be right there for you to find your way!
Orlando, FL