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Empowering Leaders. Transforming Cultures. Redefining Success.

Develop the skills and mindset necessary to excel in your career and achieve your goals.

Who are you? Find out in three minutes.

Discover your DISC style and unlock your potential! Take our quick 3-minute quiz to identify your dominant DISC style and gain valuable insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and communication style. Click here to take the quiz now and start your journey toward personal and professional growth.

Unleashing Your Leadership Potential and Building Strong Teams

Write A New Story Consulting specializes in partnering with business leaders like you to revolutionize company culture through personalized training programs.

Our approach focuses on elevating corporate communication, recognizing and leveraging individual styles within your team. With a “people-first” mentality, our workshops consistently drive employee satisfaction, enhance team effectiveness, and bolster retention rates.

Professional Development

Team Workshops and Training

DISC Assessments and Debrief

Nashville Business Consulting - Leadership Coach

Business Consulting Services in Nashville

Our professional development coaching uses the DISC Profile assessment tool to create personalized coaching plans that address individual needs. We cover topics such as communication skills, time and stress management, and self-respect. Our coaching empowers individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals, improve workplace performance, and advance their career.

Team Training and Workshops

We offer team training workshops that help organizations build strong, effective teams that work together towards a common goal. By attending our team training workshops, organizations can improve team dynamics, communication, and performance.

Team of Executive Coaches - Nashville Business Consulting
Team of Business Coaches in Nashville

DISC Assessment and Debrief

At Write a New Story, we believe that self-awareness is the first step towards personal and professional growth. That’s why we offer DISC assessments and debriefing sessions to help individuals gain valuable insights into their communication styles and behavior patterns.

Benefits of Working with Write a New Story

Write A New Story Consulting is a premier executive consulting firm empowering CEOs and business executives to redefine leadership paradigms and transform organizational cultures. If you are interested in our training programs and strategic approach, book your free call today!

Client Love

Olivia is professional and caring. She is always present and engaged in the moment with her clients. As soon as you meet her, you know she truly cares about your success and well-being. She has a heart of gold and will be right there for you to find your way!
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