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The Process

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Nashville, Tn
Business Consulting

Whether you are needing coaching/consulting in the business environment or have coaching/consulting needs to work through more personal issues the process and focus are on the here and now. Together we work on setting goals and drawing the road map for taking you from where you are now to where you want to be!

Personal Development Coaching is focused on today and moving forward from this point. Working to make significant change in your life is a journey and an important investment in yourself and your personal development. Achieving the maximum amount of benefit from the coaching experience takes time. Olivia partners with her clients on their discovery journey that often lasts between 6-12 months.

Coaching supports your personal and professional development including but not limited to:

  • Using the DISC Profile assessment tool
  • Identifying personal objectives
  • Identifying professional objectives
  • Personal Organization
  • Developing strong communication skills
  • Managing time and stress
  • Navigating relationship difficulties
  • Establishing the core strength of learning to love and respect yourself

Step 1

Embark Quote - Write A New Story

Embark on a New Journey

EM*BARK: Begin a course of action

EMBARK on a journey of personal development to improve your self-esteem

Get started – You will outline the issues you desire to address

We will start with a self-assessment where you take an honest look at where you are now both personally and professionally, and then determine where you want to be.

Illuminate Quote - Write A New Story

Illuminate your thinking

IL*LUM*IN*ATE : Make visible or bright by shining light on it

ILLUMINATE your opportunities for growth

We will work together in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential so that you can achieve you goals and live your best life! We will remove roadblocks that prevent you from moving forward and achieving your goals.

Step 2

Step 3

Empower Quote - Write A New Story

Empower you to Write A New Story

EM*POWER: Make stronger and more confident especially in taking control of your life


Once the issues preventing progress have been addressed and your roadblocks have been removed, you will gain new love and respect for yourself, empowering you to create the purposeful and productive personal and professional life you have been seeking.

Let Me Help You
Write a New Story!

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Olivia and client - Self Awareness - Nashville, TN